‘Nothing Democratic about this’: Dems slammed for views toward RFK

‘Nothing Democratic about this’: Dems slammed for views toward RFK

Now, to this development: RFK Jr. has chosen California attorney and self-described delusional Democrat Nicole Shanahan as his running mate. RFK Jr. voiced concerns about the Democratic Party’s shift towards elitism, celebrity, and winning at all costs, even if it means ignoring critical issues. Meanwhile, reports suggest a panicked response from the Biden camp, building an entire operation to counter Kennedy’s candidacy.

Joining us now is Joe Cunningham, National Director of No Labels and former Democratic South Carolina Congressman. Joe, good morning.

Good morning, Carly. Thanks for having me.

So, what’s your take on the efforts to undermine RFK Jr.’s candidacy?

Well, two things are clear: Americans are dissatisfied with the Trump-Biden rematch and are eager for an alternative. No Labels has been diligently working to provide that alternative. The establishment’s attempt to limit options and block access to the ballot is undemocratic. Campaigns should focus on discussing issues and selling ideas rather than impeding candidates’ access to the ballot.

At No Labels, we’re committed to getting candidates on the ballot. We’ve had discussions with many leaders, including RFK Jr. Our plan is to present a ticket to our 800 delegates representing all 50 states for approval within the next few weeks. Despite the challenges posed by establishment attacks on ballot access, democracy must prevail.

RFK Jr.’s choice of Nicole Shanahan as his running mate was officially announced yesterday. Thank you for joining us, Joe. Have a great day.

Thank you for having me. You too.

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