Gang violence in Haiti has killed over 1,500 people this year

Gang violence in Haiti has killed over 1,500 people this year

Gang violence in Haiti has killed over 1,500 people this year

Global Affairs Canada confirms they were able to help another 50 Canadian citizens leave Haiti. This is one of the Canadian helicopters as it arrived at Canada’s Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. Global Affairs facilitated nine departure flights yesterday.

Since March 26, they have been able to help 132 Canadian citizens reunite with their families. This latest batch of evacuations is part of an ongoing evacuation plan for Canadians trying to leave the island nation.

Haiti is in a state of political turmoil as armed gangs escalate their attempts to take control of the capital. This month alone there have been raids on police stations and the International Airport, which is now shut down until further notice. Just yesterday, a new report from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights revealed the number of deaths and injuries since the beginning of 2024.

We go to Port-au-Prince and journalist ATN Kot Puk for more on the situation.

ATN Kot Puk: Thanks so much for making time for us. Tell us more about this new report from the High Commissioner.

ATN Kot Puk: The report announced 1,554 deaths counted since the beginning of this year. It points to difficulties with corruption, impunity, and bad governance in conjunction with the armed groups. The report also asks for the arms embargo to be reinstated, but it’s not functioning as there are still arms and ammunition coming from the United States.

ATN Kot Puk: What’s going on in the capital today?

ATN Kot Puk: This morning is pretty calm, but last evening there was some shooting throughout the city. We heard them until at least 2 or 3 AM. It was on and off, but still worrisome. There was also a small fire next to my place. Lots of firefighters were there. The roads are empty during the night and day. People are still going out for necessities, but all the schools and offices are closed. It’s a really worrisome time here in Port-au-Prince.

Okay, ATN, really appreciate getting the latest from you. That’s journalist ATN Kot Puk in Port-au-Prince.

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