AT&T dark web data leak of over 70 million current, former customers

AT&T dark web data leak of over 70 million current, former customers

Millions of AT&T customers are scrambling to protect themselves after a major data breach exposed their personal information on the dark web. The company confirmed on Saturday that a dataset containing information from over 73 million current and former account holders was leaked online [1].

“This is a significant breach, and it’s concerning for anyone who has ever been an AT&T customer,” said cybersecurity researcher Troy Hunt [2]. The leaked data reportedly includes sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, passcodes, names, addresses, phone numbers, and birthdates [1].

Breach Details and AT&T’s Response

According to AT&T, the leaked information appears to be from 2019 or earlier. The breach impacts approximately 7.6 million current customers and a staggering 65.4 million former customers [1].

The telecom giant claims the compromised data does not include financial information or call history [1]. However, the potential for identity theft and fraud remains high, especially for individuals whose Social Security numbers were exposed.

AT&T has assured customers that they are taking the breach seriously. The company has launched a “robust investigation” with the help of internal and external cybersecurity experts [1]. Additionally, they have taken the following steps:

  • Passcode Reset: AT&T has already reset the passcodes of all affected current account holders [1].
  • Customer Notification: The company is actively reaching out to all impacted individuals via phone calls and emails [1].
  • Identity Protection Services: AT&T is offering free identity theft and credit monitoring services to those affected by the breach [1].

A Troubled Recent Past for AT&T

This data breach is the latest blow to AT&T’s reputation. Just last month, the company faced criticism after a software update resulted in a nationwide cell phone outage that left millions without service for hours [3].

What Customers Can Do

While AT&T is offering credit monitoring services, it’s crucial for impacted individuals to take additional steps to protect themselves:

  • Change Passwords: Immediately change your passwords for all AT&T accounts and any other accounts where you might have used the same password.
  • Monitor Accounts: Closely monitor your bank accounts and credit card statements for any suspicious activity.
  • Consider Credit Freeze: Consider placing a credit freeze on your credit report to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Be Wary of Phishing Scams: Scammers may attempt to capitalize on the data breach by sending phishing emails or calls. Be cautious of any unsolicited communication claiming to be from AT&T.

This data breach highlights the importance of data security and the responsibility companies have to protect their customers’ personal information.

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