NHL Highlights | Golden Knights vs. Jets – March 28, 2024

NHL Highlights | Golden Knights vs. Jets – March 28, 2024

NHL Highlights | Golden Knights vs. Jets – March 28, 2024

They Winnipeg has lost four straight fell here an overtime to Edmonton on Tuesday got behind 3-1 in the third period then scored two goals in a minute to tie it and now behind the Vegas net. Puck work loose to Ben Hutton. Jack eel winds it up.

NHL Highlights Golden Knights vs Jets

Jack with 25 shots on goal over the last four games. Bdorf not able to the net save huk and he stopped the rebound on marao SK into it. See he just lays this into an area know eel speed can get to that Puck and then there’s save in the followup it goes off Marsh so skate in the left pad of heluk so it makes the initial on eel and the follow up with the left PAD as heluk two great saves here to start this game.

Oh Marshall so had a lead down by Tyler to Foley. Heer’s looking to working free theor up ahead went off the Stick of how long drive on from Dello turned by Thompson injured in game three in a collision with Zack White Cloud and did not play the rest of it.

Now we going to bout poar dro the gloves with Stanley. Logan Stanley a big man at 67 neither play are able to get loose just yet tying each other up Stanley a couple of Rights knocks kosar’s helmet off to that Long Reach Kosar looking to answer back Paar this is an answer back for the hit on a mato and that’s it Stanley hit a mattio in the corner for fighting you can see right there quickly asked it was agreed upon and then some shots exchanged that’s Stanley that Long Reach not sure how many he connected he eventually got the helmet off maybe setting the tone for this game these two teams two guys not afraid to drop the gloves.

L for the Golden Knights, looking to move it out. Barashev does, picked up his 100th career goal in Nashville. Marshes so with a wrist shot steered away by Hellebuyck and now Neita Ryder cut off by Ha. Ha looking, finds Eel out top. He’ll work it loose for Hanah, fit back across the line for Ha. He runs it in behind the net. Marsh so looking to get the puck a little bit further, cut off. He got knocked down by Lowry on a big hit. Anifan wristing it off the end boards, and now Eel feeds it back to Hay. A long wrist shot, save Hellebuyck. He’ll hold, leaning over in a discussion with Lowry. Shay Theodore with a wrist shot, save Huk.

The Jets lost five in a row just before and just after the all-star break, L four straight coming into tonight. McNab with a drive, block, loose puck to Mantha. He’s turned away by Hellebuyck. Job getting shots here’s McNab, it’s kind of fan on, it goes right to Mantha in the high slot. It catches the blocker of Hellebuyck.

Good chance for Mantha right there. Little toughs going to work here as the Jets go to the power play. Old Knights’ penalty kills SP by Cus Sport sports betting the way it should be. A scramble right off the bat as Mory threw it on.

Mory straight away and around the horn for Conor cross to Shley and a pad save Thompson. Now Logan Thompson is best on the power play. Seam open, quick pass through to Shley, and a good job by Thompson. Moves over, able to get that right pad down.

Dilling at the controls, this team in the midst of a change on the fly. Bean for the lead pass. Monahan into the zone, drops it, AER shot turned away by Topson off this draw. Theodore up ahead to Doria, trying to turn puck. Throws it on N. Hellebuyck takes care of it, kicks it into the middle to Fly Nor dorf, could play it. Carlson keeps it in, Dorf looking his shot, that’s Huk. May got a piece of that with a stick. Carlson to Doria, shot score. H. Doria buries it, he goes upstairs on Hellebuyck to give the Golden Knights a one-nothing lead. Here’s the first chance. See that little hesitation, but puck recovery Carlson gets it back. Mana does a good job going to the front and a quick little pass right to the high slot. And how about this shot, wow!

Logan Stanley provides the screen in front of his old goaltender and Dorv goes upstairs for his 12th. As we see what they can do here in the second, they talk about you. Alex Panelo out, this is his sixth game out tonight. There’s only been 24 games all season Alex Angelo and Shay Theodore have been in the lineup at the same time for Monahan. Lets it go to Dello out high at Eelers pass towards Morris, he blocked. Basar lost the puck as he went down. Dello Eelers with a shot, tap score. Shan Monahan on the deflection, his 23rd of the season and the Jets have tied it up.

Kisar then after that, so just going to the net, it’s Mon, keeps it alive, goes to the net, and a little deflection up over that right shoulder of Logan Thompson. A good shot from the point by Eelers and there’s Monahan right at the hash marks. Great little deflection up and over the right shoulder as Jet miraculous first year. Under a minute to go on this power play. Monahan little give-go with Conor, shot save. M. Thompson, watch by Morresy, drive in a little further slams the brakes on, looking for a little bit of help.

Sh double it in front, finds W and a sa man hell short-handed. Here’s a look at Eel, watch for little stop-up, watch all the Jets players just kind of watching him, makes a play then four of them in the corner and it’s Nick W wide open. That’s something uh Rick bonus if you’re on the video session next time. Shle up ice, Conor cuts it to the offensive end, one minute to go on the second period sponsored by Credit One Bank. Shley Conor looking shot and Thompson got a piece of that, a quick shot by Connor, look just the top of the right pad had the three-goal lead in Nashville on Tuesday night could not hang on.

Have allowed the first goal in the third period in eight of their last nine feet it around the boards, Mantha jams it down a little bit deeper. Carlson swings in, this pass went just behind Oria and the Micov just got knocked down.

Now we’re going to fight, it’ll be Ha and Shley that won’t be much of one as Dylan right there he caught an aesthetic off as he went in. Now Shley jumped in right away and it was over quick. He went down and Neov got up made it to the bench under his own power but Conor through Center Ice crisscrossing with Guston driving wide puts it in the middle to W follow, Puck loose.

A save May Thompson gustavson put it on on net and he’ll make his way to the neutral zone caught by Lowry Ben Hut with some time and space Here’s Zack White Cloud up ahead mantha looking trying to feed it towards an upcore Ian barers on the back hand and the golden knights take the lead with 5 and 1/2 minutes left well it’s been quiet and all sudden transition Play What a backand from barbashev up the ice is a great play by white CL everybody thinks rim no a little pass to mantha and then a great pass.

Mana just again putting it in an open area and barbashev look at this backhand he just rips it kind of a backhand one-time Chip Shot right to the top Corner wow he got all of that one as he beats huk over the right shoulder and the golden kns grab the 2-1 lead all in one motion.

The backhand from Ivan barbashev had number 17 catch the 16 goals he had last year. Now Dylan shovels it down behind the net. Theer Ryder looking in front backhand from Lowry block Puck loose and to the corner.

Appleton Dylan there goes heluk to the bench Dylan’s Drive turned away by Topson extra attacker for Winnipeg down one with just under two minutes to go the extra player is Conor he centers it across and a save Thompson on applon.

Barber with a steal at center with an open net gets around morresi and scores. Ivan barbashev with two goals in the third period this one an empty n to make it three to one technically looking sharp and then a good job at the point.

Barbers the pressure and then catches Mory standing still who tries to force it able to go around him as barbashev has his 18th and the golden kns go up 3-1 six on five again for Winnipeg hanin moves it Carl couldn’t handle it along the wall but provides the heat on Monahan Puck lose to weel for the empty net and he’s got it that’s a 25th of the season for Jack.

Eel gold knights with a couple of empty Nets to seal this Victory and winipeg this play at the Blue Line see the passes in there so along the wall there’s Carlson jump feet stick whatever it takes to win the battle and eel comes underneath gets that loose Puck and puts it into the empty net some of those small air the other teams try to win too they’re going to have some control but they’ve managed it so much better and stuck to their structure and they get a big two points here in winipeg they sweep the season series with the Jets for the second year in a row.

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