NHL Highlights | Ducks vs. Canucks – March 31, 2024

NHL Highlights | Ducks vs. Canucks – March 31, 2024

NHL Highlights | Ducks vs. Canucks – March 31, 2024

Right, yeah, they want to get after this team that played yesterday in Edmonton and wasn’t really in that game at all. So, you look at where the Ducks are in the standings, and the Ducks want to continue to pile up some points. Ducks start things off by playing the puck in the Vancouver Zone. Quinn Hughes, who’s now tied atop the scoring race for defensemen, Kale Mar had a three-point game yesterday to match Hughes at 81 points on the season.

NHL Highlights Ducks vs. Canucks March 31, 2024

Hughes brings the puck down to the corner now, leaves on the near side for Heron back to the Blue Line. Hughes with some room, long wrist shot, blocks getting in front of that one was Jakob Silverberg, and the Ducks skate back the other way. Bitry in on the left wing with a wrist shot. Shilov steers that one to the corner. Veronic picks up the loose puck as both teams start their first change of the afternoon.

Onto the ice comes JT Miller starting this game on a unit with Conor Garland and Dakota Joshua, who plays his second game after missing 18 with that finger injury. Here’s Garland to the line, Susi with a shot, and a glove save by Doto, who brings it ahead to center, delays before shooting the puck into Vancouver territory.

Troy Terry on the far side, checked by Tyler Myers. Puck to the line, Fowler across to the right point, and a save there of Zel Wager by Shilov. Now, Susi’s pass, a hit Dakota Joshua. JT over the line, got to the puck himself, threw it in front.

Miller to Joshua, just missed. Slagis on him. Besser comes in for the puck to the Blue Line. Phonic left point to Hughes. Patterson takes his pass, here, one towards little tick on the net by Hold. Now, gets it behind the goal. He’s up front with Besser and Patterson. Conor Garland, the fourth forward, Quinn Hughes, the L defense as the Canucks look to get cooking with the power play.

There’s a great pad save by Dole and a hard shot from Quinn Hughes with just over for a minute to go on the power play. Here’s Miller down to Besser’s side of the goal. Feats back to Miller. Patterson takes his pass, takes a look, shoots up high, stopped by Dole. The puck is cleared down the ice by Anaheim. Sendo Luto line with Hughes and Heron for the remainder of the power play.

Just a dozen seconds remaining in it, and they control off the draw. Miller works his way towards the middle, passes to Hughes, Quinn Hughes impresses him, and Besser scores on his own rebound, power play goal number 16 for Brock Besser.

It starts right from the face-off sweep win back to the point. And as Hughes continues to fade away, this is going to be a shot from him, and it’s deflected once. But Besser, stronger than Fowler, on sweeping the backhand through, Dole can’t react a little bit high in the blue paint, and it slides to the back of the net. Besser just remembering,

“Herb in the deer hair pads, not the cage.” That’s too who’s missed some time this year, which is unusual for a goalie, missed 19 games to injury. Previous to that in Tampa, as the Canucks move in following up as Joshua to the side.

D with a save, the victim going to the Penalty Box, and this is the slide across Garland. There wasn’t a lot of room to get it past the end, but you see the broken stick. Leo Carlson with that slash. It’s going to come up in a second here, and this is right towards Dole. Doesn’t know where it is, it’s underneath him. Fowler gets a return pass in the corner. Here’s Terry up to Zelinger. He’ll try a shot, Shilov with a save. Rebound, he stopped that as well, and now gathers the puck.

Anaheim was working it around. This shot gets through and bounces off Shilov, and as Clark is getting piled on, here’s Z centering blocked by Philip Peroni. 30 seconds to go in the penalty to Pocock, and shot stopped by Shilov. Tyler Myers sends the puck off the glass and down.

And then the last kind of hair-raising chance, Shov is trying to cover it up. Brian Stroh can’t dig it free. Bluer does, but advantage just two on the wing, three including this one. Hoglander has had a stick caught up in his visor, which I believe constitutes high sticking. That was Legacy. Now a chance in front, Joshua between the legs and into the goal. What a move by Dakota Joshua, who roofed it, and he makes it two nothing on the power play.

Sweet hands at the net, high fives at the bench. Joshua, the net-front presence, pulls it between the legs and then flicks it up over the blocker of Dole. That is some fancy hands, and Canucks with a two-nothing lead. Dole is going to get his mask looked at here. That reaction, I think a lot of fans didn’t realize how that puck went in until they just saw it on the big screen. That is some fig league moves there by Dakota Joshua.

The Ano waiting as the fence was changing. Now Feh back lome with the left point, Lingstrom down the boards. Back to lome. Shilov’s never saw that shot. He made a nice right pad save off the TR there. Another penalty on the Kucks, person Susi gets ticketed here, a little battle in front of the net with Silverberg. But this puck comes off the backboards and with some traffic in front of the net, trip, they’ll play Tuesday in Vegas, Wednesday at mullet arena in Tempe. But a period to get through here. Jakob

Silver spinning on Hughes, who knocked the puck off his Carlson off the bench, gets it back to Fowler. Long shot tipped off the crossbar. Oh, that was close. Deflected behind Shilov, hit the crossbar and stayed out. Silverberg almost cracks one in.

Now Zelwiger, a backhander, shot from the other side. Shilov, the save. Carry on the rebound. Los was turned right around, and there’s the tip at the front of the net. Ross is on it, and now Pocock and takes a swipe at it. Lome winds up with the puck for Anaheim, ahead to center to vatrano, Frank vatrano fights off a check, works the puck free to Isaac Lstr.

Draw pass, here’s Zelwiger, sharp angle, sh, he scores, put it up under the bar. I don’t know if it hit a Vancouver stick on the way to the net, but a rising rer by Olen Zelwiger made it two to one as Anaheim will gain the zone. And it’s a drop pass almost to nobody, but Zelwiger skates into it, and this just fools him up high as he couldn’t really get a sight line on this with Phonic in his eyeline, and it goes near side blocker. Shilov’s got a little flat in the net.

It looked like he was a little bit slouched at that front of the there, Golden just hitting the post. I’d like to think that because Anaheim played yesterday in the afternoon, had to fly in and then wake up and play again here, there’s got to be a point in this third period. See, their speed they just take the game over. Like Anaheim’s making an interesting here. Here’s Z, STS, Lindstr round the net, tried to wrap one and they score on the rebound. Jon McTavish and the Ducks with two goals in a minute 11 have tied the game at two.

Thrown to fors the front of the net, see a couple of stick checks and then Zis makes a little pass for the round up the front of the net from Lindstrom. Mason McTavish kind of gets away from his check and this now Myers down from the right Point. Phano beats him the puck, but he gives it away. Besser in the corner working on Zelick back to Myers, long R shot tip by Garland this time and Myers again looking for tips in front.

Gar comes from behind the goal line, leaves in the blue line for Hughes. Nice move on L. Quinn Hughes couch down the left, swings one on goal off the goal stick jam on net by Miller and Puck is covered by Dole down. And Hughes gets a step on leas, and it’s off the mid-part of the pad until Dostal gets his stick down in front of it.

Miller had skated at near the top of the circle to the Blue Line, giving it to Hughes, and the battle from Susi RS the puck in from Center. Ducks missed it. Garland throws it in front. Ricochet back. Myers with a hard shot and goal to his knees made a stick save off Garland from behind the goal. Center J with scores. You think they missed this guy? Dakota Joshua with his second of the game, and the kucks are back on top.

You’ve got Joshua at the front of the net. He’s left all alone. Garland’s able to get it to a forehand, back and spin, and pump past the glove. Dakota Joshua two-goal game, and the knucks have found some life passes down the board to VR behind it to Zis into the corner for Terry. 5 seconds left. Troy Terry looking in front, center V, tro we shot wide, and the game comes to an end with one last P by Mavish, and now he’s into it with Heron.

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