Jonathan Huberdeau On Finding Game Again With Flames

Jonathan Huberdeau On Finding Game Again With Flames

Calgary, AB – After Hours

Calgary Flames forward Jonathan Huberdeau joined After Hours to discuss his recent hot streak, overcoming a difficult first season in Calgary, and his various passions outside of hockey.

Finding His Stride

Huberdeau has been on fire lately, recording 31 points in 37 games since the new year. He credits his renewed confidence for the surge in production.

“I’m playing better since the new year,” Huberdeau said. “I feel like my confidence is back, and I can make some more plays. It feels good to help the team a little bit more.”

Overcoming a Rough Start

Huberdeau’s first season in Calgary was a struggle after a blockbuster trade from the Florida Panthers. He acknowledged the difficulty of adjusting to a new team and environment.

“It was a tough transition,” Huberdeau admitted. “Obviously, I would have liked to have been better offensively. It didn’t work out, but I think it’s what happens sometimes. It hurt my confidence a lot.”

Mental Toughness

Huberdeau revealed that he sought help from a psychologist to deal with the mental challenges of his slump.

“It’s not easy when you’re not playing well,” Huberdeau said. “That’s when you have to reach out and get help. I also have a close family that supports me through thick and thin.”

Turning Point

Huberdeau couldn’t pinpoint a specific event that triggered his turnaround, but noted a stretch where he went pointless despite creating opportunities.

“I stuck with it, and I think it eventually turned around,” Huberdeau said.

Honesty and Humor

Huberdeau is known for his honesty with the media, even during difficult times. He shared a funny story from his junior hockey days about being (playfully) reprimanded by his coach for sneaking out to see his girlfriend.

Florida Farewell

Huberdeau discussed the emotional difficulty of being traded from the Florida Panthers, a team he considered his home away from home. He recalled receiving the news from GM Bill Zito.

“It wasn’t easy,” Huberdeau said. “But you have to turn the page at some point. That’s hockey.”

Former Rivals, Now Teammates

Huberdeau also spoke about his experience playing alongside former rival Blake Coleman, a former player for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

“We always got after each other in the playoffs,” Huberdeau said. “But he’s a great guy, and I’m fortunate to play with him now.”

Early Influences

Huberdeau credited former Montreal Canadiens player Alex Kovalev as a childhood idol. He revealed watching a Kovalev skills DVD extensively.

Passion for Cars

Huberdeau discussed his love for high-end vehicles, a passion instilled by his car-dealing father. He admitted to modifying his cars for Alberta’s harsh winters.

Giving Back

Huberdeau is active in charity work, supporting health services in his hometown of Laval, Quebec, and participating in a golf tournament that benefits a local hospital.

“It’s good to give back,” Huberdeau said. “We have the chance to do it as hockey players, and it’s always nice to see smiles on people’s faces.”

Looking Ahead

Huberdeau appears to have rediscovered his top form, and the future looks bright for him and the Calgary Flames.

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