Austin Matthews quest for 70 goals continues

Austin Matthews quest for 70 goals continues

Austin Matthews quest for 70 goals continues

Tonight, the Leafs face off against the Panthers in what appears to be a first-round matchup. However, all eyes will be on Austin Matthews and his quest for 70 goals. Matthews has been named the NHL first star of the week after scoring five goals in four games, extending his goal streak to eight games and his point streak to 14 games.

With only two regular-season games remaining, the 26-year-old remains one goal away from reaching 70 for the season, a feat not accomplished since Alexander Mogilny and Teemu Selanne each scored 76 goals in the 1992-1993 season.

The Leafs’ matchup against the Panthers tonight at 7:30 holds immense significance as Matthews aims for this historic milestone. For more on Matthews’ chase for 70, we’re joined by TSN radio’s Matt.

Matt, the anticipation surrounding Matthews’ pursuit of 70 goals is palpable. Can you share the excitement among fans and the team?

Absolutely, the entire city is buzzing with excitement. Achieving 70 goals is a monumental feat, considering it hasn’t been accomplished in nearly three decades. It’s a testament to Matthews’ skill and determination, but it also highlights the teamwork required to support him. Teammates have been instrumental in creating opportunities for Matthews, and the entire fan base is rallying behind him.

What impact do you think reaching 70 goals will have on the Leafs, both in terms of morale and momentum heading into the playoffs?

Scoring 70 goals is not just an individual accomplishment; it reflects the collective efforts of the team. The Leafs’ morale will undoubtedly receive a boost, knowing they played a part in helping Matthews achieve this milestone. However, the true test lies in the playoffs. While this achievement is cause for celebration, it won’t guarantee success in the postseason. The Leafs will need to maintain their focus and determination as they face formidable opponents like the Panthers.

As we approach tonight’s game, what message do you have for die-hard fans witnessing this historic moment?

To all the die-hard fans witnessing history tonight, cherish this moment. Scoring 70 goals in a single season is a rare achievement, one that few players have accomplished. Regardless of the outcome, remember that you’re witnessing something special. Matthews’ pursuit of 70 goals is a testament to his talent and dedication, and it’s a moment that will be remembered for years to come. Enjoy the game and celebrate this incredible milestone in Leafs history.

And finally, if Matthews does reach 70 goals tonight, what would be your one question for him in the post-game interview?

If Matthews reaches 70 goals tonight, my question for him would be, “What does this historic achievement mean to you personally, and how do you plan to carry this momentum into the playoffs?” It’s a momentous occasion, and I’d be interested to hear his thoughts on the significance of reaching such a milestone and how it impacts his mindset heading into the postseason.

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