Voting for CAA’s worst roads is now open

Voting for CAA’s worst roads is now open

The Canadian Automobile Association’s (CAA) annual Worst Roads campaign is back, and voting is now open. Each year, CAA invites drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders to identify roads in need of the most improvement.

Teresa Di Felice, Assistant Vice President for Government and Community Relations at CAA, joined a live interview to discuss the initiative.

High Voter Engagement and Impact

“We’re getting a lot of votes,” Di Felice said. “People have a lot to say. This campaign gets a lot of attention because it gives people a platform to share their experiences with poor road conditions.”

The campaign demonstrably influences road repair priorities. “We’ve seen roads move up on repair lists,” Di Felice explained. “Politicians react to being on the Worst Roads list – it highlights a real issue for communities.”

Challenges and Funding

Feedback from voters helps pinpoint specific concerns. “People can vote on everything from poor road surfaces and congestion to bad signage and traffic light timing,” Di Felice noted.

Municipal road budgets are often stretched thin. “Municipalities have a vast amount of roadway to manage,” Di Felice said. “They’re looking for senior-level funding to help fix existing roads and address backlogs caused by things like underground utilities and winter weather.”

Public Concerns and Costs

A recent CAA survey revealed widespread concern about road safety. “Eighty-four percent of respondents are worried about road conditions,” Di Felice said. “Alarmingly, 64% have swerved to avoid potholes, and 42% have experienced vehicle damage due to poor roads.”

The financial impact is significant. “The average cost of vehicle repairs from poor roads is $852,” Di Felice stated. “This is on top of the taxes people already pay for road maintenance.”

Open to All Road Users

The campaign welcomes input from everyone who uses Ontario’s roads. “This program is open to everybody, no matter how you get around,” Di Felice emphasized. “Roads impact everyone, whether you’re driving, cycling, walking, or taking transit.”

Voting and Advocacy

Voting is open until April 19th at Once the results are in, CAA will work with partners to validate the data and advocate for repairs on the most problematic roads.

This interview with Teresa Di Felice highlights the importance of CAA’s Worst Roads campaign in raising awareness and holding governments accountable for road safety and infrastructure improvements.

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