Business Report: Trump’s Truth Social goes public

Business Report: Trump’s Truth Social goes public

It’s now time for business news with Ari Rabich, and for the first time in nearly 30 years, a part of Donald Trump’s business empire has gone public. For sure, it’s now in the history books, as it had its first day on Wall Street, and it was a positive result in the end. Shares of the parent company of Donald Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, went public on Wall Street today.

The stock, at one point, gained more than 40% from its initial public offering price and closed with a gain of 17 and a half% at about $58 a share. It’s specifically on the NASDAQ, with the index of stocks also containing a lot of other tech names to join Donald Trump’s Truth Social. This is all as the former president is looking to get his old job back later this year and is also facing millions of dollars in legal fees.

Trump’s Truth Social goes public

“Now we shift from Donald Trump making money to McDonald’s offering a very sweet pairing, but only for certain US customers,” remarked Ari.

“McDonald’s has actually inked a deal with Krispy Kreme that will see all restaurants, at least in the United States, selling the donuts by the end of 2026. This follows a successful pilot project in some McDonald’s locations in Kentucky.”

“We did reach out to McDonald’s Canada to see if this would eventually be a thing, but they confirmed it will not at this time,” he added.

“So maybe the door is still open there.”

“For the record, Melissa, if you really wanted to and you’re around the Art Gallery of Ontario, there’s a McDonald’s nearby that is a 3-minute walk to the nearest Krispy Kreme,” Ari explained.

“I mapped it out, and that should work off the calories, you know, just about the same thing. It’s almost like it’s in there anyways at that point. Not too bad.”

“Absolutely,” Melissa responded.

“Now the Easter Bunny is getting ready to hop into action just as the price of chocolate hits a new high,” Ari continued.

“Yeah, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. We talked about maple syrup the other day, and today it’s chocolate, unfortunately.”

“Cocoa prices hit a record high today of $110,000 per metric ton, which is more than triple the price compared to the same time last year,” Ari elaborated.

“This is mainly on supply concerns stemming from difficult weather conditions and disease in parts of West Africa, which produces the large majority of the world’s cocoa. Prices this year for Easter and Halloween chocolate are not likely to be impacted too much, as these prices today take about a year or so to carry over to store shelves.”

“Now you could stock up on chocolate for next year when prices go up, but good luck not eating all of it by then,” Ari joked.

“Alright, well thanks so much Ari,” Melissa concluded. “That’s V editor Ari Renovich.”

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