Latest Tech andd Gadgets News

Technology is always changing and those that have an interest in the latest news, gadgets and gizmos can learn about the newest and hottest items that are changing the world of technology today. Current tech news is always being updated and there are some amazing new items that are attracting the attention of tech lovers. With new mobile devices, amazing new computers, interesting gadgets that can be used to play games and more, there is always something that is new and exciting in the world of technology. Here, we take a look at some current tech news and computer tech news and announce some of the hottest new items that are available on the internet and at retail locations.

Latest Tech News

One of the breaking stories in current tech news is the recent Facebook data leak. This has affected millions of those that access Facebook on the internet or on mobile devices and the date from millions of users has been exposed. The data was collected from those who use the myPersonality app and this important information has actually been vulnerable for more than 4 years due to insufficient security measures. On April 7, Facebook suspended the app.

Another breaking news story regarding current tech is the PGP data encryption method having major vulnerability issues. This method of security often used to encrypt emails and there have been many concerns regarding cyber-security of those that use this method of encryption. The problem that was encountered was related to email programs that had a failure to check for any errors of decryption before following any links that were in included in an email.

Top Computer Tech News

Technology spans many things and with millions, even billions of people using computers, computer tech news are quite important to many. Those that have a love for technology will want to keep up to date with all the latest computer gadgets that are being created. One of the new products just released is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This new and exciting device is a combination of a laptop and a tablet and offers a touchscreen, Windows 10, and an amazing battery life. This is a must-have for those that are on the go and want the convenience of a light-weight laptop and the easy use of a tablet.

Need to have the latest and greatest items? The new wireless glass keyboard is a new product that is pretty appealing. It is Bluetooth enabled and is a full sized keyboard that can be used with a number of mobile devices, include g Android, Windows, iOS and Mac OS X products. With a rechargeable battery and a USB cord, this is a must-have for tech fanatics.

Seeing as so many computer geeks use their devices for gaming, gaming laptops have become a top item for many. In 2018, there are some amazing devices that can be purchased without breaking the bank and these gaming computers offer a superb way to engage in exciting internet gaming action. The Dell Inspiron 7000 Gaming laptop has been a huge hit this year as it is one of the most affordable laptops available, starting at just $799. It offers Intel Core i7, 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB hybrid storage. With a full HD screen and amazing sound quality, this is one of the best ways to enjoy sports news and reviews. The Acer Predator 17 X has also had coverage in the computer tech news arena and this offers 32GB DDR4 RAM and is loaded with features. It does have a heavy price compared to the Dell laptop, retailing at over $1800.

Newest and Best Gadgets

High tech news and computer devices are always changing and with so many people enjoying the world of mobile internet use and mobile gaming, it comes as no surprise that mobile gadgets are top sellers. This year, there are some amazing new items that are being made available and these are perfect gifts for those that cannot get enough of technology. As one would expect, Apple will be launching yet another iPhone to follow the iPhone X. The new iPhone SE2 will be a hot item this year for those that just have to have the latest gadget and keep up with technology trends.

Like smartwatches? Watch for the current tech news on the Microsoft Surface Watch, which is expected to be the best smartwatch on the market in 2018. There will also be a new MyKronoz Smartwatch on the market this year. This company has had great success with former smartwatches and they are one of the first companies to ever offer a hybrid gadget.

With new and exciting gadgets, great current computer news and the latest mobile trends, anyone who has a love for technology will be thrilled with the coming products this year.